Sanako Study

Study v. 9.03 software.

Sanako Study v.9.03 release notes

Note: All Windows updates must be installed for your operating system in order to ensure that Study will run properly.

Software Patches

Study v. 9.03 patch for Study v. 9.02

This software patch corrects issues with Student player recording

Study v. 9.03 patch for Student v. 9.02

Please run the software patch on the Student computers. There is no need to update Tutor and Server workstations.

.NET Framework requirements

Operating System.NET Framework Requirement
Windows 7 4.0 Full
Windows 8 4.0 Full (Included in Windows 8 by default)
Windows 10 4.0 Full (Included in Windows 10 by default)

For detailed requirements, installation instructions and configuration info please refer to the

Study Technical Guide.

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